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Tulip Tapestry Bead Crochet Needles

Tulip Tapestry/Bead Crochet Needles

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Three per packet (assorted sizes) finest-quality tapestry needles for bead crochet from Tulip Co. of Japan, in a labelled glass tube with a cork top for convenient storage. These needles are designed for weaving in the thread ends of your bead crochet work. They are made of strong nickel-coated steel, one each of the following sizes (fine, medium, thick), for varying types of beading thread/cord: 

35mm (1.38 inches) long and .64mm (0.025 inches) thick

36mm (1.42 inches) long and .76mm (0.030 inches) thick

42mm (1.65 inches) long and .89mm (0.035 inches) thick

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