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Miyuki & Toho Drop, Magatama, Tila, Cube, Bugle and Triangle Beads

In this category you will find a selection of beautiful shaped glass beads from Miyuki and Toho. Choose from smaller drops, larger wedge-shaped drops, cubes, triangles, bugle beads, spacer beads/Demi Rounds and squares, in finishes from aurora borealis to stone-like Picasso. Miyuki and Toho beads are made in Japan.

Miyuki 3.4mm Drop BeadsMiyuki 3.4mm Drop Beads

Miyuki Long Magatama BeadsMiyuki Long Magatama Drop Beads

Miyuki 1.8mm Cube BeadsMiyuki 1.8mm Cube Beads

Miyuki 4mm Cube BeadsMiyuki 4mm Cube Beads

Miyuki Square Tila BeadsMiyuki Square Tila Beads

Miyuki 3mm Bugle BeadsMiyuki 3mm (Size #1) Bugle Beads

Miyuki 6mm Bugle BeadsMiyuki 6mm (Size #2) Bugle Beads

Miyuki 6mm Twisted Bugle BeadsMiyuki 6mm (Size #2) Twisted Bugle Beads

Miyuki 12mm Bugle BeadsMiyuki 12mm (#4) Twisted Bugle Beads

Miyuki 2.2mm Spacer BeadsMiyuki 2.2mm Spacer Beads

Toho 11/0 Triangle BeadsToho 11/0 Triangle Beads

Toho 3mm Magatama BeadsToho 3mm Magatama Drop Beads

Toho 2mm Demi-Round Spacer Beads

Toho 3mm (Size #1) Bugle Beads