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Miyuki Delica & Toho Treasure Cylinder Beads

In this category you will find our glass cylinder beads from Miyuki (Delicas) in sizes 15/0, 11/0, 10/0 and 8/0, and Toho (Treasures) in size 11/0. 11/0 cylinder beads from Toho and Miyuki are roughly equivalent in size and may be combined to maximise colour choices.  Unless otherwise noted, these beads are supplied in 5g bags. Miyuki and Toho beads are made in Japan.

Miyuki and Toho cylinder beads are noted for their uniform shape and size, and their tube shape gives a tiled look to beadweaving, bead crochet and loom work.

Miyuki 11/0 Delica BeadsMiyuki 11/0 Delica Cylinder Beads

Miyuki 10/0 Medium Delica BeadsMiyuki 10/0 Delica Cylinder Beads

Miyuki 8/0 Double Delica BeadsMiyuki 8/0 Delica Cylinder Beads

Miyuki 15/0 Delica BeadsMiyuki 15/0 Delica Cylinder Beads

Toho 11/0 Treasure BeadsToho 11/0 Treasure Cylinder Beads