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Late January 2017 Newsletter: Lots of New Beads, Including Etched Magic 6/0s, 8/0s & Daggers

Our apologies for the delay between newsletters – as you will see below, we have not been idle! We have lots of gorgeous new beads to entice you. Since spring is several weeks away, why not while away the winter hours with a new project?

New Etched Magic (and other) 6/0 and 8/0 Seed Beads and Dagger Beads

Beadstampede Etched Magic Orchid 6/0 Beadstampede Czech 8/0 Etched Crystal Lila Vega Lustre Beadstampede Czech Daggers Etched Magic Blue
Etched Magic Orchid -          Etched Lila Vega Lustre       Etched Magic Blue - 
6/0 Czech Seed Beads         Czech 8/0 Seed Beads       Czech Dagger Bead
We’re delighted to announce the arrival of the new etched magic range. Available in seven colourways, these beads have multiple rainbow colours, with a metallic rustic finish. Etched magic 11/0s and other etched magic beads will be added as they become available. Also in are etched seed beads in new non-magic colours, including the full range of 11/0s.

The new Czech etched beads can be found in our new items section here, or in their respective bead sections (6/0 Czech seed beads, 8/0 Czech seed beads and dagger beads).

Other New Beads

Beadstampede Etched Crystal Glittery Bronze 3mm Czech Fire-Polished Beads Beadstampede Etched Crystal Vitrail Dark Czech 6mm Fire-Polished Beads Beadstampede Czech Super8 Magic Apple Beads
Etched Crystal Glittery         Etched Crystal Vitrail Dark   Magic Apple - Czech Glass
Bronze 3mm Fire-Polished   6mm Fire-Polished Beads     Super8 Beads


As usual, we can’t show all our new beads here, but a few highlights are:

  • We now have the full range of etched 3mm facetted, round, fire-polished beads, including the ‘glittery’ ones
  • Etched 6mm facetted, round, fire-polished beads (we have most of the range, with the remaining handful to come later)
  • Super8 beads in all seven ‘Magic’ colours (regular finish, not etched).  Two-holed Super 8 beads are similar to SuperDuos, only a bit smaller
Beadstampede Miyuki 11/0 Delica 1870 Silk Inside Dyed Emerald AB Beadstampede 16mm Rivoli Champagne Fizz Beadstampede Czech Tri Beads Crystal Rainbow Blue
DB1870 Silk-Inside Dyed     Champagne Fizz 16mm       Crystal Rainbow Blue -
Emerald AB 11/0 Delicas        Crystal Point-Back Rivolis   Czech Glass Tri Beads
  • We’ve expanded our Miyuki 11/0 Delica range, including some of the new Silk-Inside AB Delicas
  • New rivolis: we now have the entire range of Light Siam AB, and non-AB rivolis in sparkly Champagne Fizz and Whisky Topaz, sizes 10mm - 18mm
  • Lots of other new beads, including several Miyuki 6/0s, 8/0s and 15/0s
All new beads can be found on our new items pages, here 

Not Glamorous, But Useful!

Beadstampede Fireline 6lb Smoke Beastampede Angry Fish White 0.122mm Braided Line Beadstampede Fiskars Precision-Tip Scissors
FireLine 6lb Beading              Angry Fish White 0.12mm    Fiskars Precision-Tip Scissors
Thread - Smoke                     Braided Line
  • We’ve re-introduced FireLine 4lb and 6lb weight beading thread in Smoke and Crystal
  • We’ve added Angry Fish brand super-strong, braided, 4-strand polyethylene fishing line, which makes an excellent beading thread for use with sharp-edged beads such as fire-polished and small crystals. Available in a generous 100m (approx. 108 yards) spool, which represents a much better value than some of the more well-known lines. If you’re familiar with Power Pro this is similar, but even stronger.
  • Most scissors will not cut FireLine or braided fishing line – these Fiskars will do the job!  

Until next time, wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2017,
Frank and Paige - Bead Stampede

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