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July 2016 Newsletter - 15% Off New Etched Metallic Alabaster Daggers + Many Other New Items

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We hope all is well with you!
To say it’s been a political whirlwind these past few weeks is something of an understatement. So, if you’re in need of relaxation, why not lose yourself in a beading project with some of our lovely new beads?

Etched Metallic Alabaster Daggers

Bead Stampede Czech Daggers in Etched Metallic Alabaster Sea Foam Bead Stampede Czech Daggers in Etched Metallic Alabaster Amethyst Bead Stampede Czech Daggers in Etched Metallic Alabaster Olivine
Etched Metallic Alabaster     Etched Metallic Alabaster     Etched Metallic Alabaster
Sea Foam                                    Amethyst                               Olivine

Introducing Etched Metallic Alabaster dagger beads in 17 different colours: shimmery 5mm x 16mm drop beads with a rough, rustic finish.  Regular price will be £1.60 per bag of ten, currently on introductory sale at £1.35, through 7 August 2016. These can be found in our new items section here, or in our general daggers section, here.

Crystal Rivolis

Bead Stampede Rivolis Violet/Topaz AB 14mm Bead Stampede Rivolis in Peridot Green/Sapphire AB 10mm Bead Stampede Rivolis in Citrine AB 16mm
Violet/Topaz AB 14mm         Peridot Green/Sapphire AB  Citrine AB 16mm Rivolis
Rivolis                                        10mm Rivolis

We now have a collection of point-back glass crystal round rivolis; hole-free and perfect for setting in seed bead bezels. Ten sparkly colours, most available in a range of 10mm to 18mm sizes. All rivolis can be found here .

If you don’t know how to make seed bead bezels, there is a tutorial using Miyuki Delica beads on, which you can find here.

Other New Beads

Bead Stampede 4mm bicone beads in Milky White Pink-Gold Lustre Bead Stampede 3mm Rondelles in Milky Crystal Purple AB Bead Stampede Czech 6mm Lentil Beads in Etched Crystal Rainbow Brown
Milky White Pink-Gold          Milky Crystal Purple AB       Etched Crystal Rainbow
Lustre 4mm Glass Bicones  3mm Glass Rondelles          Brown 6mm Czech Glass
                                                                                                       Lentil Beads

  • 3mm & 4mm glass bicones
  • 3mm & 4mm glass rondelles. Our bicones and rondelles selection will expand in the future; the full selection is located here 
  • 14 new colours of Czech etched-finish 6mm lentil drop beads; the lentil beads category starts here

Bead Stampede Czech 8x7mm Rose Petal Beads in Halo Ethereal Shadows Bead Stampede CzechMate Tile Beads in Gold-Marbled Rosaline Bead Stampede 11/0 Miyuki Beads Topaz Gold Lustre # 311
Halo Ethereal Shadows        Gold-Marbled Rosaline         Topaz Gold Lustre Miyuki
Rose Petal Beads, 8x7mm   CzechMate Tile Beads           11/0 Seed Beads

  • Czech glass 8mm x 7mm rose petal drop beads in Halo and Halo Ethereal colours.  The ‘Halo’ finish (also known as ‘Golden Touch’) is a shimmery gold lustre on either a transparent base (Halo) or an opaque base (Halo Ethereal). You can find our selection of rose petal beads here
  •  Another newly arrived range is CzechMates Tile beads.  Two-hole, flat, square glass beads, slightly larger than Miyuki’s Tila beads.  We’ll also be adding to these as time goes on.  Find them all here
  • Transparent gold-lustred 11/0 Miyuki seed beads, in six colours. All Miyuki 11/0s start here
  • Various other beads: Miyuki Metallic Iris 6/0 seed beads, a few Czech hybrid Miyuki seed beads, a few 3mm fire-polished beads, and more 

All new beads can be found on our new items pages, here 

Coming Soon

We have three shipments of beads arriving in the next ten days or so. We’ll be completing the Crystal Rainbow range of 4mm and 6mm Czech fire-polished beads, re-stocking Miyuki beads that have sold out or are running low, and introducing a few new Miyuki seed beads.

Reducing Our Presence on Etsy

We’d like to let our valued Etsy buyers know that we are slowly winding down our shop there. Our website ( goes from strength to strength, which makes it harder to keep up with a second venue. Very little new stock is being listed on Etsy, and most expired items are not being renewed. We appreciate your patronage of our Etsy shop and hope to see you on our website soon.

Until next time, happy beading from Frank and Paige - Bead Stampede

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