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The Pick of the Picassos

Toho was the first Japanese bead manufacturer to use traditional Czech bead finishes on its seed beads, when it introduced Picasso- and Apollo-finish beads. Then Miyuki jumped on the bandwagon last year, with its Picasso finish on 6/0 and 8/0 beads. The Czech-Japanese connection continued several weeks ago when Miyuki introduced vitrail, marea, and capri finishes on Tila, Long Magatama and 3.4mm drop beads.There’s also a Jet AB in these ranges, whose finish is much more mirror-like than the traditional AB finish that Toho and Miyuki have used in the past.  Understandably, Miyuki doesn't call these "Czech-finish" beads; Miyuki's term is "special finish". And, boy, are these beads special!

This trend has culminated most recently with Miyuki applying a Picasso finish to Tilas, Long Magatamas and 3.4mm drop beads, some in colours that Miyuki has not previously used with a Picasso finish, like green, cobalt, orange, etc. Not only that, but Miyuki has also introduced a luster Picasso finish on some of the Long Magatamas, which means that you not only get the stone-like look of a Picasso bead, you get lots of pearly shimmer, too. These beads are designated with an "L" after the colour number.

Here's a sample of what we now have in stock (for our full range of these Picasso beads, please see the product pages linked above):

 Miyuki 3.4mm drop bead Transparent Green Picasso #4507

3.4mm Drop in Green
Picasso #4507

 Miyuki 3.4mm drop bead Opaque Turquoise Blue Picasso #4514

3.4mm Drop in Turquoise
Picasso #4514                

 Miyuki Long Magatama Opaque Red Picasso #4513

Long Magatama in Red
Picasso #4513

 Miyuki Long Magatama Opaque Red Luster Picasso #4513/L

Long Magatama in Red Luster
Picasso #4513/L                       

 Miyuki Tila Bead Opaque Yellow Picasso #4512

Tila Bead in Opaque Yellow
Picasso #4512                      

Miyuki Tila Bead Opaque Cobalt Picasso #4518

Tila Bead in Cobalt
Picasso #4518

 Miyuki Tila Bead Light Olive Picasso #4519

Tila Bead in Light Olive
Picasso #4519

 Miyuki Tila Bead Opaque Orange Picasso #4520

Tila Bead in Orange
Picasso #4520

 Miyuki Tila Bead Opaque Ruby Red Picasso #4521

Tila Bead in Ruby Red
Picasso #4521

Where will this Czech-Japanese connection end?  Who knows?  But I've put the word out that I'd love to see the vitrail, marea and capri finishes extended to Miyuki's round seed beads.

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