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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

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After three decades of promising myself that I’d learn peyote stitch, I have just completed my first project, the even-count cylinder bead bracelet, below.

Peyote stitch cylinder bead bracelet


I chose a pattern from a 2006 issue of Step-by-Step Beads, but decided to use very different colours and add brick stitch trim to turn two of the triangles into diamonds.  I really like the added interest that brick stitch edging adds to flat peyote, and I'm looking forward to using this technique in future projects.  I not only found even-count peyote easy to get the hang of, but I really enjoyed the process, too. 

The bracelet is very sparkly and really shimmers in sunlight. The bracelet required fewer than 5g of each of the following beads: Miyuki DB-0783 Dyed Semi-Frosted Transparent Purple, Miyuki DB-0202 Pearl White AB, Miyuki DB-0010 Opaque Black,Toho TT-0163 Transparent Rainbow Aquamarine, Toho TT-0007 Transparent Peridot, Toho TT-0789 Tangerine-Lined Crystal, Toho TT-0191C Crystal/Hot Pink-Lined, Toho TT-0790 Opaque Fuchsia-Lined Crystal

Both the colours (I incline towards understated neutrals, as a rule) and learning a new stitch took me out of my comfort zone, but now that my comfort zone isn’t the comfort zone I had before, I have to get out of my new comfort zone. Try saying that ten times, quickly.

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