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April 2016 Newsletter: Is This a Dagger (Bead) I See Before Me? Yep, and They’re 10% Off – Ten Days Only, Plus Lots of New Items

Sorry for the delay in posting this - it just occurred to me that it would be a good idea to post our newsletters in the blog section!

We’ve taken delivery of lots of new beads, particularly dagger beads. To celebrate our growing dagger bead range, we’re offering 10% off all of them for ten days - just use the discount code DAGGERS10 during checkout; the code is valid on all beads in this collection. Sale prices are applicable to our website only, and are not available in our Etsy shop. Sale ends 23 April 2016 and is limited to stock on hand.

New Dagger Beads
Bead Stampede Etched Jet Capri Rose Full daggers Bead Stampede Etched Jet Sunset Full daggers Bead Stampede Etched Jet AB Full daggers
Etched Jet Capri Rose Full   Etched Jet Sunset Full         Etched Jet AB Full
Dagger Beads                         Dagger Beads                      Dagger Beads

We have several new dagger beads in the etched range, which has a rustic finish, as well as other types. Our entire selection can be found here.
New Items
Bead Stampede Metallic Suede 4mm Czech Fire-Polished beads Bead Stampede Saturated Lemongrass 3mm Czech Fire-polished beads Bead Stampede Crystal Glittery Amber 3mm Czech Fire-Polished beads
Metallic Suede Blue               Saturated Lemongrass         Glittery Crystal Amber
4mm Fire-Polished Beads    3mm Fire-Polished Beads    3mm Fire-Polished Beads 

In addition to dagger beads, other new beads include: 
•    Saturated (a chalky, matte finish) 3mm fire-polished beads, plus a re-stock on this ever-popular range in 4mm and 6mm fire polished.
•    Metallic Suede range (a shimmery rustic finish) in 3mm and 4mm fire-polished beads
•    Glittery range currently available in 4mm fire-polished beads is now available in the 3mm size

Bead Stampede 8-2635F Semi-Glazed Blue Turquoise Rainbow - Toho 8/0 Seed Beads Bead Stampede Alabaster Metallic Wine Czech Dragon Scale beads Bead Stampede Magic Orchid Miyuki Tila beads
Toho 8/0 Semi-Glazed Turq   Metallic Alabaster Wine       Miyuki Magic Orchid Tila
Blue Rainbow Beads                Dragon Scale Beads          Beads

•    The Toho Semi-Glazed Rainbow round seed bead selection has now been expanded from just 11/0s to include 8/0s, and there are also a few new Toho 15/0s in various colours
•    Metallic Alabaster Dragon Scales, Magic Miyuki Tila beads (Czech hybrids), and more. New items can be found starting on this page.
Good News on Prices

Prices fluctuate depending on the rate of exchange, competition amongst wholesale suppliers, and the cost of raw materials. 

We’ve revisited prices based on recent wholesale re-orders and adjusted them accordingly: a few prices were unchanged, a very few went up by a small amount, and the vast majority of prices on recently re-stocked beads have gone down, in some cases substantially. The price drop was mostly due to increased wholesaler competition, although lower cost of raw materials was also a factor.

We always do whatever we can to keep our prices as low as possible.
Until next time, happy beading from Frank and Paige - Bead Stampede

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