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Groovy Colour Tool Number 1

Frank found a couple of brilliant websites that offer the user tools to play around with colour, one of which I'll discuss today. If you're stumped for ideas for your next jewellery project, or just too lazy to remember all those pesky colour rules, Color Scheme Designer will jump start you.  You start by selecting a base colour from the colour wheel, then you click on a button to pull up suggested colour combinations. You have the choice of mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic and accented analogic.

So, for example, I started in the blue range, then clicked on 'triad', and here's what this nifty little calculation tool came up with, and it even shows you shades and pastels, too:



Next, I picked a red, and clicked on 'accented analogic', and here are the results:



If you want to save your results, I recommend using the 'print screen' button, then saving into Microsoft Paint, which should come standard with Windows.

Two things never cease to amaze me: 1) the astonishing wonders that are available on the Internet, and 2) the generosity of people 'out there' willing to share their brilliance. But be warned: this website is a bit addictive and we take no responsibility for your food not being cooked, your chores not being done, and the kids left forgotten at the school gate.

There's a PayPal link on Color Scheme Designer for donations, so if the site helps you in any way, I encourage you to support it financially.



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